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Focus on vacuum evaporator equipment research and production

Run Blue cooperates with C&G Depurazione Industriale Srl (hereinafter referred to as C&G), a pioneer in the field of heat pump evaporation crystallization in Italy. With many years of experience in wastewater treatment and low-temperature evaporation crystallization technology, it has become the general agent of C&G Greater China.

C&G Italy has been developing and manufacturing low-temperature vacuum evaporation (concentration) crystallization technology since 1971. With nearly 50 years of experience in evaporator and industrial wastewater treatment, its research and development of heat pump low-temperature vacuum evaporation (concentration) crystallization technology is leading the world. Status, the technology can be widely used in metal wire drawing emulsion wastewater, machining cutting fluid wastewater, casting, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, landfill leachate, smelting, feed fermentation, etc. More than 5,000 large factories in Europe and around the world.

C&G cooperates with Runlan Environmental Protection to provide...

01. Advanced Technology Concepts

Technology Concepts

Havingits own laboratoryandadvanced supporting facilities,Greenlanrelieson the actual experimental data to develop the most perfect processingtechnology.

UsingEuropean craftsman'sequipment makingstandard,itis strict with eachprocess.

Insisting to be oriented by actualresult, Greenlan will not charge for not reaching the standards.

02. Strong Technical Strength

Technical Strength

Greenlan is the cooperator of several Europe's well-known sewage treatmententerprises; its low temperatureevaporation devices ranking top around theworld.

Greenlan focuses on the overall project of the difficultindustrial sewage treatment, the general contracting project of urban sewage treatment,the production and sales of environmental protection equipment, the technicalservice of sewage treatment and theoperation and custody service of sewage treatment equipment.

Greenlan has passedISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

03. Perfect One-stop Service

One-stop Service

Greenlanprovidesall-round technical consulting,projectdesign, equipmentmanufacturing, engineering installation, debuggingandtraining,deliveryandacceptance, after-sale service, custodyoperation and other turn-key one-stop solutionsforevery customer, as well asthe most professional and convenient servicefor customers, creatinghigher value for customerswith the lowest profit.

Free pre-treatment andpost-treatment water quality testingareprovided,within 24 hoursof which, afree professional treatmentprocessplanwill beprovided by theprofessionalsenior engineer.

Free customization ofprofessional engineering 3D rendering will provide the most reasonable layout.

04. Professional Technical Team

Professional Team

Greenlanhasthesufficientengineer team, professional technical personnel, strongtechnical supportfrom theEuropeanteam, more than 100 kinds of waste-water treatment experienceandmoreadvanced European sewage treatment technology,whichcanguarantee the highest standard technical requirements, toeliminateall your worries.

The senior engineer of Greenlan will come to the project site to debug the sewage treatment system and train thecustomers to operate independently.

05. Raw Material Imported

Raw Material Imported

Raw materials are importedfrom Europe,choosinginternational brandaccessorieswithexcellent chemicalcorrosion resistance,whichcan be used for a longtime at a specific temperature.

The service life is betterthan the industry average and can reach the international standard outdoor.

06. Steward Type Service

Steward Type Service

Providingsewage treatment services in ahosted mode,Greenlan isresponsiblefor all daily management and technical services

Solve any problems immediately to save the downtime cost.

07. Perfect Delivery Service

Complete Aftermarket

The products are soldnationwideand trusted by consumers.

Professional delivery andtransportation, cross-regional service capacity and long-term cooperationwith several express companiesensure products quicklyand timely toreachthesite!

The installation engineer and the cargo will arrive at the site simultaneously, coordinating and guiding the unloading and unpacking to ensure the equipment is in goodcondition.

08. Complete After-sales Service

Complete Aftermarket

Oneyearquality assurance, lifelong service. 24-hoursWeChat, QQ, 400 telephone online service.

When problems occur,there is provincialquickresponse within 2 hours forquicklyprocessing,solvingthe sudden pollutiondischargeproblems at first time.

Provide regular return visits ofprofessional technicians, regular training of the expert teams, regular professional operation testing services ofequipment and regular and thoughtful reminders of equipment maintenance.

Greenlan - provide turn-key one-stop service of waste-water treatment solution

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Technical Training


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After-sales Service

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